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Bringing together talented and experienced medical professionals that have a passion for medical aesthetics, cosmetic treatments, and continuing education.

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Our attention to detail and multi-modality approach provides stunning outcomes you will absolutely love!

Meet Our Team

Meet Cara Heym
CEO & Founder


Cara started her career in medical aesthetics 11 years ago working for a dermatological surgical center.  In this position, she developed a passion for aesthetics and fell in love with the art of what she likes to call “preventative maintenance” treatments like chemical peels and non-surgical solutions like cosmetic injections. With her medical background and love of aesthetics, she decided to create her dream job and open her own Medical Spa.

To do this, she went back to school and completed her B.S.N at University of Maryland University College.  She is currently working on finishing her MSN-AGCNP at Walden University College.  While in school, Cara held a 4.0 GPA, was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success, and became a proud Sigma Theta Tau and Golden Key National Honor Society member!


Cara Heym Owner of Vanity Skin Bar

Cara Heym of Vanity Skin Bar Since 2019, she’s been training with The American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, taking master level courses on everything from neurotoxins, dermal fillers, to PDO threads and more, while also maintaining an associate membership. She also maintains professional memberships to keep up with the most up to date procedures and is continuously learning and training to feed her thirst for knowledge and deliver the most cutting-edge treatments. In 2021, she officially launched Vanity Skin Bar with plans to grow the company in the near future.

Recently, Cara was asked to become a founding member of the The Cannabis Spa Association when Renee introduced her to the importance of the endocannabinoid system, and the benefits of medical CBD,CBG, and Hemp. With this knowledge of how this regulatory system promotes overall wellness and cannot only treat conditions of the body but be used to enhance and heal the skin as well. Working with The Cannabis Spa Association gave Cara the opportunity to provide her clients with a one of kind skin care line that has CBD, CBG, and starfish extract that not only produces 2.5 times the amount of collagen but has multiple other never before seen results! When she’s not seeing clients, you can find her hanging out with her best friend and husband! The two, love to travel to Vegas together and Cara enjoys watching him win at Roulette while she sips wine.


Meet Renee

Renee Reisinger MSN, MS, Nurse Practitioner

Renee Reisinger MSN, NP, RN, is a nurse practitioner, with decades of health care experience. She is member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the National Consortium of Clinical Directors. She is, a graduate of the inaugural class (2021), with the first Master of Science in the United States, in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics (MCST) from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore.

Ms. Reisinger works in the cannabis industry, educating, advocating, and providing patient certifications for cannabis medicine, in Maryland. To date, she has worked with since 2017. This organization offered her an introduction to cannabis as medicine, supported and helped her to achieve a high standard of care when providing medical cannabis education and patient certifications. Also, works with Gateway Healthcare Services, LLC, a pioneer, woman owned business, leading the way in Southern Maryland for cannabis education and patient certifications, too. Though the strong community of MCST, University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy, Ms. Reisinger works with Americans for Safe Access, Maryland Chapter (Maryland President, Aaron Sheppard), collaborates with Veteran’s Initiative 22, (Founder, Eryck Stamper) and (Founder, Otha Smith III). Ms. Reisinger is committed to providing education, advocacy, and patient medical cannabis certifications for veterans, free of charge in Maryland, to support veteran wellness. As a strong advocate for health and wellness, Ms. Reisinger works with Vanity Skin Bar (Annapolis and Baltimore location), Owner Cara Heym NP student, RN, of Vanity Skin Bar, conceived of the idea of cannabis and the med spa industry. She reached out and joined The Cannabis Spa Foundation, a new organization, to promote cannabis for wellness and health in the medical spa industry. This is the first of its kind on the East Coast. We promote skin and tinctures, developed by fellow alumni, Dallas Davenport, a MSCT graduate and scientist. Will move forward with Vanity Skin Bar, with integrative medicine platforms, wellness care and med spa procedures. My focus for patients is on self-care, high level wellness and healing!

About Vanity Skin Bar

Vanity Skin Bar was established in 2021 with the intent of bringing together talented and experienced medical professionals that have a passion for medical aesthetics, cosmetic treatments, and continuing education.  Cara’s goal was to create a new type of wellness and medical spa focused on providing cutting edge treatments that deliver stunning results to clients by providing a multimodality, individualized client treatment plans. Providing services specifically designed to stimulate the body to produce its own collagen is a unique specialty that Vanity Skin Bar is focused on.


Aside from making clients look and feel amazing, the team at Vanity strives to customize each treatment while keeping quality and safety at the heart of all they do.  

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