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Dermal Fillers

Vanity Skin Bar specializes in using dermal filler to help clients add volume, smooth and contour areas of the face.  Just like Botox® and neurotoxins, dermal fillers have become a popular non-surgical solution for clients looking to reverse the signs of aging and enhance their overall appearance with no downtime.

Dermal fillers at Vanity Skin Bar

At Vanity, we use:

  • Juvéderm Collection
  • Versa Plus
  • RHA Collection
  • Radiesse  

Juvederm® Collection

The Juvederm® Collection is a family of five products designed to smooth lines and restore volume to areas of the face, including but not limited to your cheeks and lips.  It can also be used for contouring.

Results from the Juvederm® Collection can be seen for up to 12 months at a time.

Versa® Plus

Versa® is a versatile filler!  It is used in many of the same ways as others fillers but it is uniquly formulated to minimize swelling post treatment.  It is also designed to last longer than some of it’s competitors.

Results from Versa® can last for 6 to 12 months at a time.

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Lip Injections at Vanity Skin Bar

Lip Injections by Vanity Skin Bar

One of our most popular services using dermal filler is lip injections.   Your lips are one of the most prominent focal points on your face.  Many of our clients use lip filler to add volume and make their lips standout.  But, lip filler isn’t just for volume anymore!

With expertly placed filler we can also correct:




Disappearing Upper Lip


Gummy Smile


Permanent Frowns


Smile & Frown Lines



Restore Midface Volume Loss


Contour Cheeks


Contour Jawline


Provide Chin Augmentation


Improve TMJ

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How do I choose?

Add volume, smooth or treat problem areas

One experienced injector to help you choose

We carry a lot of options when it comes to dermal fillers so we can select the product that will work best for your goals.  When you work with us, you don’t need to choose a filler.  The expert staff at Vanity Skin Bar  will help you determine which dermal filler you need during your consultation.

Neurotoxins vs dermal filler for injections

What’s the difference?

Products like Botox® paved the way for dermal fillers.  For years, Botox® was the only option and industry leader in cosmetic injections.  As patients became more demanding of the results they could achieve with cosmetic injections, new products, like dermal fillers, were introduced to fill the gaps in neurotoxins’ capabilities. Botox® and other neurotoxins are are used to relax the muscles that can cause the appearance of lines in muscle groups.  They do a great job of smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Filler was designed to do that, and more!  Dermal fillers are a large family of products that are made with hyaluronic acid gels.  They are used to replenish volume, lift sagging skin as well as contour and enhance facial features.  Offering both neurotoxins and dermal fillers allow us to have a complete line of products to address all your concerns.


Questions on Lip Injections

I want lip injections but I don’t want them to be huge. Can you work with that?

Yes!  Our goal is to give you an end result you’re comfortable with.  If you want show stopping lips, we’ll give them to you!  If you want a subtle change, or need something corrected, we can do that too!

How do you numb the area before lip injections?

We ensure you are absolutely comfortable during your treatment. A topical anesthetic is applied 15-20min before the injections, that is usually more than enough numbing for the majority of patients. If for some reason you feel it is still uncomfortable we have other methods to numb the lips as well. 

How long to does lip filler last?

We can’t provide an exact time because the longevity of all cosmetic injections depends on the product we use how quickly your body metabolizes it. Each patient is different, but in general filler will last 6 to 12 months. 

I’ve seen people with lip injections that had nodules in their upper lip. Will I have that?

Nodules develop when filler is either misplaced or migrates after injection.  Filler migration is not common when it is injected properly but it can happen to even the most experienced injector.  In the event that the filler migrates, we can work with you to  dissolve and than replace your filler.

Questions on Dermal Filler in General

Why don’t you just use the filler that lasts the longest?

We will always try to use the products you’ll get the most longevity from, however, it’s more important to use the product that is the BEST fit for the area we’re treating.  During your consultation, we will talk through your goals and select the product that will help you achieve your goals AND last as long as possible.