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PDO Thread Treatments

We’re taking non-surgical facial contouring to a new level with Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread treatments!  Are you noticing your skin sagging?  Or, noticing your face has lost its youthful shape and definition?  If this sounds familiar but you’re not ready for a surgical facelift, a PDO Thread treatment could be the perfect non-surgical alternative!

Unlike any other service on the market, this modern and innovative treatment uses your body’s own natural ability to increase collagen production to provide results WITHOUT the need for surgery. 

PDO Thread Lift Treatments

PDO Thread Treatments at Vanity Skin Bar

When it comes to PDO Thread Treatments, we have two main options: PDO Thread Lifts and PDO Smooth Threads.  After doing a thorough consultation and learning about your goals, we’ll develop treatment plan using the thread system that will get you your desired results.  With PDO Thread Lifts, we can essentially give you results similar to a surgical facelift with no downtime.  With PDO Smooth Threads we can improve your skin’s texture, address acne scaring, add volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles similar to the results you’d get from cosmetic injections but more targeted.

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How is a PDO Treatment Performed?

Non-surgical solutions

No downtime or extensive recovery

To perform a PDO treatment we use threads from VSoft®. V Soft® threads are sterile single use polydioxanone sutures in a cannula. They are non-permanent threads, that are expertly placed in a specific pattern below the skin’s surface. Once inserted, the injection needle is removed but the suture remains to get to work! Over time, the suture dissolves and, in the process, stimulates your body to naturally produce collagen in the area it was placed.


How quickly will I see results?

PDO threads show immediate results, similar to a face lift. Over time as the suture dissolves you will produce your own collagen in its place. So you have the benefits of the lift immediately and long term collagen production in the areas that need filling. It has the unique benefit of filler but unlike fillers threads have your body work as a filler by replacing lost collagen.

You will not see immediate results.  The results appear gradually over time as the sutures dissolve and your body begins increasing collagen production.

Does it hurt?

We use a local anesthetic to ensure that the treatment is as pain free as possible. 

How long to do results last?

Results will vary depending on your age and overall skin condition prior to the procedure.  In general, results from a PDO treatment can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years.   Younger people generally enjoy results for longer as their body’s are already producing more collagen naturally.  Mature clients whose skin has already lost elasticity may see the benefits of a PDO treatment for 1 to 2 years.  To see maximum benefits of the collagen production maintenance of smooth thread placement is done annually.

Is there downtime after this treatment?

Not really!  Some clients experience minor bruising and/or swelling at the injection site, but aside from that, many people return to normal activities the same day.  

Can PDO Treatments be done any where else?

Yes, we can use PDO technology just about anywhere on the body.

Is this treatment available for both men and women?

Yes, both men and women can benefit from PDO Treatments. 

How long does the procedure take?

It depends on how many areas we are treating but most clients are in and out of the office in an hour or less.